Special, Individual, or Group Classes

Vision1Tactical provides HQL and MD Handgun Permit/Recert classes on a set schedule throughout the year. However, we will provide Special, Individual, or Group classes on a case by case basis subject to instructor availability. There may be additional charges for this service. Ask your customer service representative for more information.

HQL Process

Vision1Tactical offers the following information to assist you with the HQL process. The student is responsible for submitting accurate and truthful information when applying for their HQL. We are not responsible for the use or misuse of the information provided.

If you have questions or require assistance with the online application process please contact the Maryland State police HQL Division at 410-653-4200 or 800-525-5555.

HQL Process 

You MUST Apply ONLINE and if necessary have the capability to scan and upload documents if necessary. The MSP website recommends using "Microsoft's Internet Explorer" Web Browser, so if you use another Web Browser you MAY have issues using the site.

If you don’t have a Maryland Driver’s License or Maryland Identification to you will have to upload a Passport Type Photograph. The ONLY Residency exemptions are for Active U.S. Military Personnel and their Spouses.

The Maryland HQL is good for 10 Years and costs $50.00, plus the cost of Live Scan Fingerprints, and Training. Renewals are $20.00 and DO NOT require Fingerprints.

You MUST pay the HQL Application Fees with a Visa or MasterCard.

BEFORE you complete the Maryland Handgun Qualification License Process you MUST have your Fingerprints taken at a Live Scan Service Provider. You CAN NOT use Ink Fingerprints or Previous Live Scan Fingerprints for the HQL Application.  

If you use www.Quickfingerprints.com you do not have to provide the following (below) information.

The routing information to provide to the Live Scan service provider is:
Agency Authorization Number: 1300004845
Agency ORI Number: MD920511Z
Reason Fingerprinted: MD Public Safety Article, Section 5-117.1 pertaining to Handgun Qualification License

Now, here is the Application Process: YOU MUST  USE INTERNET EXPLORER

2) Click on Create User Account

3) After you creating your User Account, Log-On to: https://emdsp.mdsp.org/egov/Login.aspx

4) On the Web Page, click on BLUE LINK that says "Initial Application"

5) On the Drop-Down Boxes use the following Options:
-Firearms Services
-HQL Training (Standard)

6) Then click Start Application and FOLLOW the examples listed, below are the boxes you will complete.

There are several Web Pages that you need to fill out. If you did not get Live Scan Fingerprints taken then you cannot fully complete the first Web Page until completed.

7) Enter the Live Scan Tracking Number and Date on the first Web Page of Online Application.

8) Enter HQL number of instructor for the training class.

9) When all the forms are filled out, submit them with your Master Card or Visa Credit Card Information for the $50.00 fee, and wait.

10) When all the forms are filled out, submit, and you should get your HQL in the mail in 4 weeks or less.

Class Registration Next HQL Class November 11, 2017 10:00-130:pm,$100.00 Per Student. 

​​You will receive a confirmation Email with Instructions. Location 11605 Cross Roads Circle Suite "F" Middle River MD 21220 

All Students must call to pre-register at least 48 hours in advance. This will secure your spot in the class and is required for all classes except HQL. We ask that all HQL students pre-register at least 48 hours in advance. Our HQL classes have a set number of spots available. Students who fail to pre-register may not be admitted to the class. ​HQL walk-ins will be charged the "walk in" rate.

Your Web Browser is Incompatible with the MSP Website

Vision1Tactical has received the following quote from MSP regarding their suggested fix for web browser compatibility issues. The following is an exact quote from them:

"MDSP website "410-653-4463" The version of Internet Explorer that you are using is "too new".Go to the I/E tool bar and clicked on compatibility view settings. A box appears at the left with the web address mdsp.org etc... in the add box. Click add and then close and that should do it. You should able to breeze through the rest of the application.Hope that this helps."

Maryland State Police Web Support

Vision1Tactical is not affiliated with the Maryland State Police or the State of Maryland. We do not provide technical support for the Maryland State Police website and/or the online application system.

If you require assistance with the Maryland State Police online application process for HQL please contact the Maryland State police HQL Division at 410-653-4200 or 800-525-5555


All students must pre-pay in full at least 48 hours in advance. Cash, Check, or Credit is Accepted. Cash is preferred.  Ask our representative about payment methods and locations. There is a 3% fee added for credit transactions.

Exception: HQL walk-ins will be charged the "walk in" rate. Cash only.

*Payments are not refundable.

*In cases of  documented extenuating circumstances and with at least 24 hours notice, a student may be moved to another convenient class date to be scheduled by Vision1Tactical. 

*Instructor travel rate is based upon the set rate established by the IRS for business travel. Currently that rate is set at $0.56 per mile traveled both to and from the off-site location. Out of state travel or multi-day events will be subject to additional fees.
The Clear Choice

Vision1tactical Firearms Training 


Maryland Handgun Permits, Permit Recertifications, and/or Maryland Handgun Qualification Licenses (HQL) are processed and approved by the Maryland State Police. Each have specific requirements and qualifications as required by applicable law and/or regulation. It is the student's responsibility to research and understand the license/certification they wish to acquire  and ensure that the meet the minimum requirements to qualify.

Vision1Tactical is not responsible if the student is rejected by the Maryland State Police unless the rejection is directly related to the content of the provided course of instruction.

Vision1Tactical guarantees that all lesson plans meet and exceed the minimum criteria required by the Maryland State Police for applicable certification/license training.